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, and his retire▓ment by Ciudad Rodrigo to Salamanca,●190 having lost thirty thousand men since he had● crossed the frontier a year before●. Throughout the whole of this campaign, th●e greatly, preponderating numbers● of the French had been minimised by the usu▓al jealousy and want of co-operation bet▓ween the French marshals.Only

N●apoleon’s master-hand could kee●p them in hand, and make them work● to a common end.The difference between● the conduct of the war from the time h●e advanced by

Vittoria on Madrid and dis●persed the Spanish armies, and tha▓t after his return to France, is too?/p> y che▓cked the whole of Reg

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and Badajoz on and a▓bout the frontier line were held, and blocked a▓n advance eastward into Spain; but beyo●nd the former in that direction lay the stronger● fortress of Ciudad Rodrigo.The two fir●st were besieged or blockaded, by Sp▓encer at the former, and Beresford at ▓the latter

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